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Who we are


The National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) is an organization based in Trinidad & Tobago whose aim is to ensure that the celebration of Carnival maintains its creative integrity, local pride and future development by representing the interests of local producers and participants of the Carnival industry.

Carnival IQ #1: The Annual Carnival celebration in Trinidad & Tobago is popularly referred to as "The Greatest Show on Earth"

Brief History of NCBA:

The NCBA started off as the Carnival Bandleaders Association (CBA) in 1958 by a group of bandleaders who were concerned with the conditions, facilities and prize monies afforded to Carnival Mas Bands. The CBA lobbied for the rights of mas bands and sought to protect and advance their creative contribution and remuneration.

Carnival IQ #2: A mas band is a group of people that produces the costumes, choreography and facilities for the masqueraders of its Carnival band.

After almost 30 years of meeting and lobbying on behalf of its membership, the CBA morphed into the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) which it remains today. The NCBA was instituted to expand the focus of the CBA to include other stakeholders of Carnival, such as designers, wire benders, craftsmen and masqueraders among others.

The NCBA historically and presently presents the interests of the various producing and participating stakeholders to the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad & Tobago (NCC). The NCC is a government appointed body that manages the presentation and marketing of Carnival and Carnival products in Trinidad & Tobago.

Carnival IQ #3: At any given time, one (1) nominee from the NCBA is selected to sit on the Board of Directors of the NCC.

NCBA Mission Statement:

"The NCBA will meet and exceed the needs and expectations of its members by relentlessly implementing critical initiatives in areas such as innovation, marketing, self — sustainability, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and The Mas Academy in partnership with all stakeholders; especially in sustenance of traditional mas while achieving our vision in support of the national quest for Carnival - the Industry."


NCBA Vision Statement:

"To be the catalyst of Traditional Trinidad and Tobago Carnival especially in the re-creation and sustenance of the legacy and talents of original craftsmen in collaboration with our local and international stakeholders in the quest for Carnival -the Industry".

Carnival IQ #4: Pre-1943, Carnival celebrations in Trinidad & Tobago took place over a 3 day period (Sunday – Tuesday). Since 1943, Carnival has been restricted to 2 days: Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Carnival Dates: until 2030

Calendar Year | Carnival Monday |
Carnival Tuesday
2012 February 20th February 21st
2013 February 11th February 12th
2014 March 3rd March 4th
2015 February 16th February 17th
2016 February 8th February 9th
2017 February 27th February 28th
2018 February 12th February 13th
2019 March 4th March 5th
2020 February 24th February 25th
2021 February 15th February 16th
2022 February 28th March 1st
2023 February 20th February 21st
2024 February 12th February 13th
2025 March 3rd March 4th
2026 February 16th February 17th
2027 February 8th February 9th
2028 February 28th February 29th
2029 February 12th February 13th
2030 March 4th March 5th

Challenges facing the NCBA:

With the importation of costumes and ready made costume accessories, NCBA's members and by extension the economy of Trinidad & Tobago face the following challenges:

  • Negative impact on local Mas Producing Industry: the importation of Mas costumes and materials often translates into the exportation of the mas producing industry and the revenue earning potential it offers its members and the people of Trinidad & Tobago. This is deemed as a direct blow to the future development of Carnival as a local industry whose main aim is to export the ingenuity and creativity of Carnival through its locally produced final products.
  • Loss of creativity, limited national expression and a lack of customization of costumes: NCBA's President David Lopez maintains that the importation of mass produced costumes and ready made materials also leads to measurement issues for masqueraders who purchase these international produced costumes. He asserts that this practical reality is unlike the arrangement at the traditional, local mas camps where each masquerader obtains a costume measured and customized to fit him or her.
  • Loss of employment for skilled workers: such as wire benders and metal beaters due to labour redundancy. Warning that the local costume making industry is a rapidly dying one, David Lopez on behalf of the NCBA has appealed to government to intervene quickly and deliberately to preserve the future of the local mas producing industry.
Carnival Trivia #5: The first seed of Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago was sown in 1783 when the first French settlers arrived in the country.

Future of the NCBA:

While the year round preparation and anticipation of Carnival bursts unto the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday with splashes of colour, pulses of music, boundless revelry, and cultural magic - it takes diligence, formal training and entrepreneurial finesse to put this show on the Road.

It is with this in mind that the NCBA has instituted The Mas Academy where members can be formally trained in various areas of mas production with the intention of honing their crafts and expanding their skill sets through a wide spectrum of courses. Members enrolled in The Mas Academy are also taught the entrepreneurial and management aspects of the mas producing business, a crucial factor in keeping the future of mas production within the shores of T&T.
reatest Show on Earth."


NCBA Executives




Mr. David Lopez - President


Mr. Aynsley Matthews - Vice President


Mr. Wrenwrick Brown - Secretary


Captain. Neville Wint (Retired)- Treasurer


Mrs. Cheryl Clarke-Williams - Assistant Secretary


Ms. Paula Tricia Baptiste - Assistant Treasurer


Mrs. Anra Bobb - Queen's Representative


Mr. Arthur Stewart - Jr. Carnival Representative

Ms. Veronica Anthony - PRO



Mr. Mervyn Henry - Committee Member


Mr. Beresford Hunte - Committee Member