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Revel 2016

Revel in D’Real Carnival!
Revel in d’mas of tradition and d’new
Revel in d’costume you look forward to
Revel in d’art that came from our hands
Revel in d’feeling of jumping in band.

Feel it! Feel it! Revel! Revel!

Revel in our heritage our annual celebration
Revel in d’Real Carnival, the blend of one nation!

The National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) continues to celebrate the uniqueness of our Carnival with our new theme REVEL.

We are a people that are friendly; we are a myriad of faces and races enjoying life and our culture in paradise.

The NCBA is compelled to share the brilliance of the costume on display: brilliantly lit under the sun during the columniation of Carnival with the Parade of the Bands on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

The National Carnival Bands Association remains committed to showcasing all visual aspects of a unique Carnival…d’Real Carnival as Traditional and Conventional Mas portrayed as  individuals, small, medium and large bands. 

We welcome when our masqueraders become one with their costume.  When they revel in it.

All aspects of our Mas are on display at our various events leading to Carnival Tuesday.  For a full list of our events click here.