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The Mas Academy


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This initiative is one element of our strategic vision for the sustainable development of the Mas industry in T&T.

Every Mas-maker, every Mas-presenter, every Mas-bandleader will agree that the creation of T&T’s cultural extravaganza, our Carnival is a year-round commitment.

It therefore, requires year-round preparation and planning if we are to enhance our presentations for our masqueraders and spectators.

And without a doubt, our efforts to build and promote the Mas require attention to every detail if we are to retain corporate sponsorship to support our vision for the art-form.

The purpose of this Mas Academy is:

  1. To provide training and developing in the art-form
  2. To enhance the standard and quality of T&T carnival home and abroad
  3. To ensure that Junior Carnival continues to develop in a way to reflect the cultural and moral values of our nation
  4. To certify craftspeople in the production of costumes
  5. To build a reservoir of talent and to equip our young people with Mas-making skills
  6. To ensure that members of the NCBA are educated as to their rights under the copyright laws of T&T


Benefits - Our expectations of the Mas Academy

  • Members would have the opportunity to improve their carnival skills through formal training
  • T&T would begin to build a reservoir of professional Mas-makers
  • Job-creation beyond carnival season in T&T
  • Our cultural heritage would be preserved for many generations
  • Carnival artists would receive the remunerations due to them by way of copyright laws


Training Programme

All participants will participate in the training module that will include compulsory and elective components.

Compulsory programme

  • The history of T&T’s Carnival
  • Traditional Mas of T&T
  • Contemporary Mas of T&T
  • Case studies of great Mas designers and Carnival bands
  • Mas methodologies and performance
  • Materials for Mas
  • Carnival and its impact on cultural and economic development
  • Documenting Carnival
  • Basic contract and copyrighting
  • Understanding copyright
  • Field Trips
  • Thesis


Elective Programme

Participants would be able to choose between Production and Management courses.

Production electives

  • Fundamentals of drawing
  • Drawing and understanding the human figure
  • Material used in costume construction – structural, covering, finishing
  • Tools used in costume construction – usage and care
  • Fundamentals of design – design process and understanding colour and illustration techniques
  • Presentation techniques
  • Craft techniques – marking out, cutting, folding, template making, stencil making
  • Basic assembly techniques – methods of fastening – welding, tying, stapling, sewing
  • Small costume design – relevance to theme, portability, comfort

Management Electives

  • Government Policy and Carnival
  • Entrepreneurship and Mas
  • Management, Accounting, Marketing, Merchandising, Finance
  • Research Methodologies
  • Documenting Carnival
  • Health and Safety in Carnival

Mas Academy Outreach Programme