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The Mas Academy Outreach Programme (MAOP)



Established in 2008, the NCBA Mas Academy is the organization’s principal initiative geared towards the future sustainable development of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.  Since 2012, the Mas Academy has engineered a widely successful Outreach Programme which promotes and fosters the art of Mas making in schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


The Mas Academy Outreach Programme (MAOP) inculcates a holistic educational experience in Carnival.  It aims to reach students that are unable to get a fixed official space for learning, while providing exposure to alternative careers.  It focuses on nurturing students with natural creative abilities, while enhancing and supporting the Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) and the Continuous Assessment Component (CAC) initiatives of the Ministry of Education.  The NCBA Mas Academy’s objective is achieved and supported by a team of experienced veteran “Mas Men” and various guest speakers throughout the years.


With their devoted members and strong skill sets, the MAOP participation has continued to increase during the period 2014 – 2015 with more schools being involved and several of them presenting their talents at the 2015 Republic Bank Junior Parade of the Bands.  MAOP’s workshops have also trained students on conceptualizing a band theme and costume design, and have successfully executed training sessions across Trinidad AND Tobago.


Junior Carnival 2015 also welcomed the involvement of the Cropper Foundation in collaboration with the German Embassy.  Both these organizations can be highly commended for having the foresight and creativity to promote environmentalism to our nation’s youth by way of the production of a Carnival band featuring an environmental awareness theme.  The schools participating in this initiative immensely enjoyed the experience and were financially rewarded for their participation.



With apprenticeship learning in a relaxed but respectful atmosphere, the NCBA Mas Academy aims to continuously expand the horizons of our younger generation.  The National Carnival Bands Association will continue to forge ahead via “Mas with a purpose”.


The Mas Academy Outreach Programme (MAOP)

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 Brazil R.C School

Cumana R.C School

 Eastern Girls Government Primary School

Mt Lambert R.C 2014

Summer Camp- Mt. Lambert R.C 2015

Rampanalgas R.C School

Santa Rosa Government School

St Dominic's R.C School

Valencia Government Primary School


NCBA/Republic Bank - Mas Academy Summer Graduation 1

NCBA/Republic Bank - Mas Academy Summer Graduation 2

NCBA/Republic Bank - Mas Academy Summer Graduation 3